fischer TiP 100

fischer TiP 100

fischer TiP

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Product Specifications

Product Features

  • Easy to use - 3 year-old kid can learn in 5 minutes 
  • 12 vibrant colours that stimulates the brain
  • Made only from potato starch and food colouring hence safe for your children and environment
  • Easy to prepare and clean- only use water to stick TiPs together but gives outstanding adhesion
  • Comes with free mini guidebook, a sponge and a pair of scissors 

Product Benefits

  • Encourages involvement
  • Enhances fine motor functions & cognitive skills
  • Foster the sense of 3D space
  • Allows independent experiments thus releasing creativity
  • Encourages structural manner thinking

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Brain Bytes is the sole distributor for fischer TiPs in Malaysia

Brain Bytes has been providing this amazingly creative craft tools to kindergartens, primary schools and events

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